Great Sci-Fi Novel ‘Zoo City’ Is Being Adapted For Film

Donovan Marsh iNumber Toronto Film Festival

Donovan Marsh iNumber Toronto Film Festival

Donovan Marsh(iNumber,Number) is attached to write and direct the film adaptation of the Sci-Fi novel Zoo CityZoo City, written by Lauen Beukes, revolves around a character named Zinzi December. 



Zinzi has a Sloth on her back, a dirty 419 scam habit and a talent for finding lost things.   But when a little old lady turns up dead and the cops confiscate her last paycheck, she’s forced to take on her least favorite kind of job – missing persson.  Being hired by reclusive music producer Odi Huron to find a teeny-bop pop star should be her ticket out of Zoo City, the festering slum where the criminal underclass and their animal companions live in the shadow of hell’s undertow.  Instead, it catapults Zinzi deeper into the maw of a city twisted by crime and magic, where she’ll be forced to confront the dark secrets of former lives – including her own.

Lauren Beukes

Lauren Beukes

Zoo City has won the 2011 Arthur C. Clarke Award and the 2010 Kitschies Red Tentacle for best novel.  South African film producer Helena Spring(Red Dust, Yesterday, The First Grader) will produce with Lauren with Donovan Marsh handling the writing and directing duties.

Zoo City  looks like it has the chops to be a good film.


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