‘Wigger Please’ (Doc On Whites Appropriating Black Culture)

“You don’t have to be a cartoon of a black person to find acceptance in the black community.  In fact it’s going to work against you.  You’re not going to be able to make a connection to the culture, if you can’t make a connection to the people.  If you do you will be fine, if you don’t you will be a damn wigger” – Bill Adler music journalist and critic who specializes in hip-hop


With all the talk about Blackface, ‘Wigger Please’ a documentary feature film chronicling the cultural stereotypes of white Americans embracing hip hop culture, seems to be a thoughtful inquiry into this racial quagmire and my extend a bridge and a guide for the benign yet confused people trying to express their love for Black culture. 

Currently in production, the filmmakers are interviewing rappers, actors, artists and writers who have had their political or personal perspectives influenced by their experiences with hip hop or black culture.

‘Wigger Please’ features Bill Adler, Baje One, Baba Israel, Tom Breihan, Kevin Coval, GQ, JQ, Jus Rhyme, Jim Mahfood, Jason Tanz, Erik Weiner, andTim Wise.

Watch the trailer here:

Check the film’s progress via its Facebook page HERE, or Twitter HERE.



2 responses to “‘Wigger Please’ (Doc On Whites Appropriating Black Culture)

  1. Ralph,

    I would like to commend you on tackling this subject since it can be tough to really get a grasp or true feeling on the subject. There sure are cultural differences and those can be seen even more when finances and how those finances were gained comes into play. There are very many moral, social, and ethical factors (which there are always certain exceptions) that come into play and make it somewhat harder to co-habitate. If you would like any more insight I think I might have some things to say to help.

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