Lenny Kravitz Will Play Christopher Walken’s Son In Family Drama ‘Little Rootie Tootie’


Lenny Kravitz  and Oscar winner Christopher Walken has

signed on to star with in Little Rootie Tootie, likely named

after Thelonious Monk’s piano solo of the same name. 

Walken, Kravitz’s father, is  a veteran jazz pianist who is

mourning the death of his wife. His son (Kravitz), returns

home with his own wife, disrupting the couple’s careers

as musicians in Europe to deal with the brilliant Sonny as

his behavior becomes manic and destructive. The trio

tries to present the illusion of a functioning family, as the

eccentricities inherent in being working musicians leads

them tumbling toward a tragic but impactful conclusion.


The film will shoot in January in New York City and will be shopped at AFM. The producers are River Bend Pictures’ Stan Erdreich, A to Z’s Fred Zollo and Algrant, and Dalifey Ltd.’s Paul Condoleon. Executive producers are Bonnie Timmermann and Steven Ray. Grammy winner Terence Blanchard will be scoring and creating original music. Walken is repped by ICM Partners, Lenny Kravitz by CAA. ICM Partners is handling domestic rights while worldwide rights remain available.


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